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ChouChou is an all plant based restaurant and bar. The interior is inspired by nature's many shapes and joyful colors, with a hint of Art Déco reminiscent of the 20's L.A. A fun-filled, playful style that communicates joy of life. The Vegan cuisine, like Art Déco, exudes faith in the future and avant-garde. The decor is a mix of elegance and warm playfulness. A cozy vibrant atmosphere where life and the joy of food are at the center.

Renovation and interior design concept by TOREKULL.
Graphic design and brand identity: APT Studio.
Head interior architect: Maja-Li Torekull.
Assistant interior architect: Lisa Hällfors.

Location : 

Mood Gallerian, Mäster Samuelsgatan 18, 111 44 Stockholm, Sweden





Lasse Olsson


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