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TOREKULL Interior Architecture offer creative and innovative solutions within interior architecture, furniture & product design.

We approach each project first and foremost in assessing what the client needs and wants from the project. At TOREKULL, the client is always at the center of each project and is a part of the decision making process. Each project is approached as a team effort. Each project is custom designed for the benefit of the client’s needs.

We then focus on quality, detail and functionality – design must function in order to serve its purpose.
Our hands-on involvement is in every step of the way, from idea to concept to finished project. Preparation is the critical element in order to come in on time and within the budget.

Each client and project is unique with its own story to tell - the people and the places are what inspire us and each new project is a new challenge.

Specialties: TOREKULL Interior Architecture specializes in commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés & boutiques.

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